Saturday, November 07, 2015

More Work and craziness going on

Well crazy crazy stuff going on but I am starting to draw and create again, so that is very very good.

Moving yup again old run down city apartment but it has studio space!!!!  Costs a bit more but does not have all the weird issues this place does and I will not have to paint on my bed because there is no space and if I don't finish I will be able to leave what I am working out.

And by the way elephants are really hard to draw - I have never done one before - not loving it and I don't want to ever do one again!  LOL But I will finish!!

I have lots of work to finish - I just have not been motivated it was like I wanted to draw but nothing came out of my hands but I think that is over now!

Thinking of doing a Patreon?  What do you think?  Time to go to work.  Have a happy day and remember every thing that you see IS art!!

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