Sunday, January 26, 2014

Momentary Distraction...... Truth ..... Under the Guise of Times

Under the Guise of Times

part 1

Minds full of war and strife
Battle lines of the mind tangled
Anger and rage - lifes dreams abandoned

Leave and left behind all of life
Heart and soul ruined, left and strangled
To survive, all and everything unhanded

Time- evil monster I'm no longer your wife
Your evil twisted my mind - Horrors entangled
All of what was my life gone - left stranded

part 2

Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes longing for life
Avoided questions and answers from the foolish masses
Comfort only seems to come in random glimpses

Who am I now? memories of self only cause tears
Mind twisted bruised lasting scars
Don't know myself, lost myself, lost the moon and stars

For that I have shame
Shame shame shame - shame on you
Shame - you have no shame

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